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 All the payments are processed and secured by Paypal.
The payment of your ads is made online by Credit card or directly from your Paypal account.
The transaction will appear on your bank statement under the following reference "ALF-GLOBAL-SERVICES".
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 Convert all your photos and pics on ConvertImage !

ConvertImage can open all your pictures ...

  • CUR
  • GIF
  • PCX, RLE
  • PDF
  • PNG
  • PSB
  • PSD
  • TIF
  • XCF

... and convert them into the following file formats :

  • JPG JPG Photography
    (RVB, with or without ICC profile)

    JPG Digital photo (Joint Photographic Experts Group)
  • PDF PDF Document

    PDF Document (Adobe Portable Document)
  • PNG PNG Image
    (24 bits)

    Portable Network Graphics picture
  • BMP BMP Bitmap file
    Bitmap File format (Microsoft Windows Bitmap)
  • GIF GIF Picture
    (With or without transparency / Standard)

    GIF Image file (CompuServe Graphics Interchange)
  • ICO ICO Icon File
    (64x64 pixels maximum / Color depth 24 bit)

    Windows Icon file (Microsoft ICO Format)
  • PSD PSD Picture
    (RVB / Flattened)

    Adobe Photoshop Picture file
  • TIF TIF File
    (RVB / Flattened)

    TIF Picture format (Tagged Image File)
  • PCX PCX Bitmap file
    PCX image file (PCX Graphic File Format)